How to use Foosball Table Reviews in 2020 to make up your mind

Are you looking for the Best Foosball Table out there? I have been where you are now so I get you.
Whether it’s for your home, the office or you own a bar – you will wanna make sure you get the right Soccer Table.

Top Rated Foosball Tables

The best foosball table for the money is rated below in my Value-section, but before I hit you up with some great suggestions for a new Foosball Table, I will offer you the option to sign up for my Newsletter to the right and get advices from a 19x Times World Champion.
Additional, there’s a few guidelines to follow when looking for a new foosball table, a standard adult-sized football table is 56″ in lenght and 30″ in width. Also you need to make sure you have space around you – for a full-sized foosball table like the one I just described, you will need an additional 3 feet on each side all around the table. It’s for the rods and players sake. You will not wanna be disturbed when doing the perfect shot and suddently there’s a wall preventing you for that glorious victory.

This website is a complete portal for you searching for honest Foosball Table reviews, tips and tricks how to beat your friends in foosball, and at last I also feature news from the Foosball World out there.

If you’re looking a Premium Foosball Table in 2020, maybe you are looking for a Competition Soccer Table or you just want the best of the best foosball table out there and wanna pay the extra bucks, I will suggest you to read my reviews for the following 5 Foosball Tables that I am sure you will find interesting:


For my first Premium Pick in January 2020, I will suggest you take a good look at The Warrior Pro Table 2020 Model from the #1 US Manufacturer of Foosball Tables.
Check out my Warrior Pro Model 2020 Foosball Table review here.


Here is the Ultimative Foosball Table if you are looking for a Premium Foosball Table, let me present to you The Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table.
Check out my Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table Review here.

Say hello to my little Friend!
This is the Kick Titan Tournament foosball table, its beautiful, elegant and it got all the right features for a Premium Foosball Table.
Check out my Kick Titan Tournament Foosball Table Review here.

Best table value is determined by the price divided with usability, design and popularity.
Its for you whom will wanna pay the right price without going to blow the bank for a new foosball table. Its for those who is gonna have their kids playing Saturday Night and again Sunday Morning all safe and sound:

This is the Hathaway 56-Inch Primo Foosball Table, a fantastic looking football table for the whole family. Its perfect for a game room or your basement, it also includes 4 cup-holders which is designed into the table. Perfect with kids running and having fun around the table.
Check out my Hathaway 56-inch Primo Foosball Table review here.

ESPN Arcade Foosball Table Review Black White Soccer Table

If you are looking for an affordable Foosball Table for the money spent, I will suggest you looking at ESPN Arcade Foosball Table and take a good look at my review, this is even one I would consider buying myself for the next table in my living room.
Check out my ESPN Arcade Foosball Table Review here.

Budget Tables is for you which is gonna make your first purchase and has doubt if a Soccer Table is for you, in this category I have found 5 tables which is either too expensive or too fast playing on, so you have a real idea if the next one should be a Premium Table – its for the family who wants a new Foosball Table for their beloved kids:


The Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball Table is what I would call a real Family Foosball Table, it contains a plastic laminated soccer field for the right look and feeling, the rods are made of 2/3″ stress resistant steel so it can sustain the pressure of adults and kids playing.
Check out my Garlando G-500 Evolution Indoor Foosball Table review here.