Foosball is a fun game that is played by people across the world. It is also named as a baby kicker or soccer table. Below are some fun facts about Foosball table.

What is the longest game ever played in Foosball?

  • According to Guinness Book of World Records, the longest game of foosball to ever take place took 61 hours and 17 minutes to complete. And it is not even that long ago, according to Guinness, this happened in Innsbruck, Austria in 2012. It was achieved by only Austrian players, named Alexander Kuen, Bernd Neururer, Manuel Larcher and Dietmar Neururer.

The Worldst Most Expensive Foosball Table Ever Sold

  • The most expensive foosball table ever for sale was the “11-The Beautiful Game” table for $68,000. This is made realistic due to a collaboration between GRO Design and Tim Model makers.

Unique Foosball Tables From Spain

  • Most Unique Foosball Table is Spanish. These foosball tables slope towards the middle in a “U” shape. This results in the midfield getting most of the ball-possession. Interesting, but can be tough to get used to, if you are not that skilled.

Foosball Table in Other Countries and Languages

Sweet child have many names they say, so lets get started:

  • The classic names are football table, soccer table or Foosball.
  • In Turkey, foosball is described according to the sound the ball makes, usually they call it “Langirt”.
  • “Bordfodbold” in Denmark, it means table football.
  • Calcio balilla, bigliardino or biliardino (from “biglia”, little ball) or even calcetto (less frequent, since “calcetto” is commonly used to indicate Five-a-side football), and in particular areas fubalino.
  • Other spanish speaking countries they call it Fútbol de mesa, or Futbolito.

You can find other funny ways in Wikipedia Talk here.

The Longest Physical Foosball Table Ever Made

    • The Longest Foosball table ever made is 137.756 metres, which is 451 ft and 11 inches long,424 players played the game at one time. It was achieved in China on September the 27. 2019.

Biggest difference between The American Soccer Table & The European Foosball Table

  • Foosball tables come in two versions. The American version has 3 goalies. On the other hand, the European version has just one goalie.

Best Foosball Table Awards in 2020

  • Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table is titled as Best Football table of the year 2020.

How many different Soccer Table sizes are available?

  • There are three sizes of the Foosball table. The tabletop is the smallest and you can put it on your table. Then there’s stand alone table, which has legs and can stand on its own. Lastly there is Multi-game, which includes a foosball table that can be converted into many other games, such as air hockey, table tennis, chess, checkers, bowling, shuffle board, and so on.

Foosball Tables used as drug-containers for The Mafia

  • In Earlier days, The Mafia used these tables to hide drugs. When foosball table’s popularity hit its peak, it wasn’t uncommon to find a table being used as a container.

Fastest Foosball Shot Ever

  • That little ball used in foosball table can travel up to 35 miles per hour.