The defense is one essential part of sports, and foosball is not excluded. It can be a tasking situation to lose on the grounds of poor defending. So if you have issues with defensive moves while enjoying your leisure time with friends, then these ultimate tips will help you stand a better chance of winning in any foosball outing.

However, applying a few of these steps will take your opponents and dislodge their every move as they sure wouldn’t anticipate what next you will employ.


Avoid Using the Middle defensive man as a shooter

Shooting with your middle man defense on rod three can be very hard to resist, but resisting the pressure is one of the surest ways to stay in shape and has higher tendencies of increasing your probability of winning. It is best to use this piece as a defender, which will reduce your opponent’s chances of scoring.

However, it can even be harder for a beginner implement, but constant practice of this tip will surely enhance your defense skills, and thus make it harder for your opponent to win.


Avoid having the ball bounce off of your defensive men

Your game can be fun over time, but it can be disheartening when you have a 3-man defense, and your opponent gets the point because his ball bounced off one of your defense, which could have ricocheted through the way.

However, it is not so had to avoid anyway. The best way to prevent this is by adjusting your rod in a way that your men move off the route. Thus the ball gets through and no more ricochets off your men, but when the ball successfully goes, you can pick the rebound with the 2-bar defensive rod.


Always put up a defensive game

One way to still understand your strength is by always playing defense. You need always to follow the movement of the ball at all times. Try not to get carried away by side talks or random actions from your opponent; if successfully applied, you will notice that you pick up most of the balls from your opponent. Make sure your men move in the direction of the ball when your opponent has the ball.


Make judicious use of your two defensive rods as one unit

Your two defensive rods are the most influential defensive forces and making them work simultaneously to give you a better defensive edge. So how do you do this? All you need to do is position your men in a way that they align and don’t overlap each

For an ultimate defense, you need to get your two defensive rods working simultaneously as one unit. It requires you to line them up so that the men don’t overlap each other; Thus giving you an indomitable line of defense as long as you make sure that the space between your men isn’t so large to let the ball through. Try this, and you will see a definite improvement in your game.


Use the defensive rods simultaneously to defend with your left hand

This technique is not as hard as it seems. To apply this move, you would need to employ your thumb and pinkie fingers to work; control each of them with those left fingers, as your men will make a lot of incredible saves.

Making this move can be inconveniencing at first and can be uneasy about adapting to, but once you get through with it and it becomes a part of you, it will surely give you a serious edge over your opponent.


Don’t try to cover the entire goal

Frankly, fighting to cover everywhere in a game can be hard and also can be exhausting. So it is essential to find a severe weak point on your goal and concentrate your energy on the area.

However, an ideal goal covers the width of five balls, so that means you need to cover five different points, and it is almost impossible to do that at once.

So to defend effectively, try to cover at least two points at that same time to maximize your defensive opportunity. As long as the balls come straight to your goalie, it is advantageous; but it might not be so efficient for shots coming from angles.


Keep your opponents guessing

The best way to through your opponent off balance is to elude their imagination. It might not be so useful to apply only one of these tips; because it might not work every time. So it is best to combine your moves so that your opponent does not anticipate which step you will employ next. This tactic is very efficient in all sports and will surely help you dominate your games.


Rounding This One Up

Now you have this fascinating defense tips, all is left is to practice and employ them in subsequent games; as it will improve your defensive ability. They might be hard to keep up with at first, but with a positive and determined mind, you will get acquainted with them in no distant time.