How To Test if Your Players are Counterbalanced?

In counterbalanced foosball players the top half of the foosball man weighs the same as its bottom half.

Unlike non-counterbalanced players, whose heavier end (usually the feet) makes them turn to the vertical position, counterbalanced men would maintain their horizontal position when you let go of the rod.

Telling if your foosball players are counterbalanced is extremely simple: turn the rod until the men reach the horizontal position and let it go.

If the players maintain their position they are counterbalanced; if their feet fall and they turn to the vertical position, they are not.

Can a player ever become (none)counterbalanced and, if so, how do you fix it?

Making your counterbalanced players become non-counterbalanced would be quite impossible.

You should cut off weight from the head of each player until you see them Turing in the vertical position when you let go of the rod.

You can possibly try anything (melt the plastic, smooth/cut off material, cut the heads off) but there is no way of doing a good job.

Plus, there’s no reason why you should do such thing: counterbalanced players have a lot of advantages: increased speed and enhanced control on the players and the overall game.

Since counterbalanced players have such advantages, you may be tempted to make your non-counterbalanced men become counterbalanced.

This is just as tricky as the other way round. You should add weights to the top half of each player until you see them maintaining the horizontal position when you let go of the rod (keep in mind that a foosball table has 22 or 26 players).

If you want to upgrade your foosball table with counterbalanced players, your best option would be to replace your men. A set of counterbalanced foosball men can cost any price between $30 and $200 – you can certainly find a set that fits your budget.

How can your test/tell if the field is level or not warped? Is there a certain angle each part of the field should be?

The foosball table field must always be flat and perfectly horizontal (level). This means that if you place the ball on the field without nobody pushing it, it must remain still and not roll anywhere.

If you hit the ball straight with the foosball player, the ball must roll in a straight line.

To make sure your field is on a flat surface use a level: place it on several spots on the field and check that wherever you put the level the surface results perfectly horizontal.

Another problem that can affect the way the ball roll on the field is a warped field. Foosball table field can get warped mainly because of humidity and water (that’s why you should never leave an indoor foosball table outside, for example).

Your best option, in this case, is to replace the foosball field (you can purchase one without having to buy a whole new table). If the damage is not that severe, you can try to take the bars out and place weights on the areas that are bending up. This not always work well but you should give it a try before spending money on a new field.

If your table doesn’t have those foot leveling gadgets, can you buy some and install them. Is it easy?

You can certainly by leg levelers separately if you want to replace your or your foosball table doesn’t have any.

Replacement is easier than installing them on table legs that weren’t designed to feature leg levelers or shims. You’ll need to drill quite a large hole in each leg and then screw the leveler tight to them.

If you have a cheap table with slim legs, installing leg levelers is not recommended. You’d risk damaging the legs and then remaining with a wobbling foosball table.

What are the sign and symptoms of a bent rod and how to look for it?

When you feel like the control over the foosball player is no longer that smooth, it may be because you have a bent rod.

Most rods, in fact, get bowed just where they meet the table. Another sign of more severe damage on the rods is when you see some players’ feet closer to the field than others’.

To check whether or not your rods are bent, spin each of them very fast: if it wobbles a lot, it’s bent. In this case, you can try to straighten them by pulling them out and apply some pressure, or you can replace them with new ones.

Foosball Table FAQ for Reparing A Foosball Table

A foosball table is much more than just a game table that adds a touch of style to your game room. It’s fun, it’s time spent with your family and friends, it’s an opportunity for kids to learn the value of teamwork, it’s great anti-stress therapy and a way of keeping your body and brain active.

The good thing about foosball tables is that they are suitable for players of all ages and all levels of expertise.

Beginners and professionals can play on the same foosball table. It’s not rare for beginners to become advanced players after purchasing a foosball table and having the chance of practicing every day.

In their journey, it’s not rare for players to raise some questions about the game and the tables’ features as well. This is why I thought of answering some of the most frequently asked questions about foosball tables.

What To Consider Before Buying A Foosball Table

What To Consider Before Buying A Foosball Table

The choice of a Foosball table has a great deal of impact on the level of play, and this might be a tasking decision to make because of the various high-end brand and sizes available in the market today.  So in order t make the best choice of a foosball table for your game room or your family; you will need to put these 5 things in mind before setting off to make your first purchase of a foosball table.

The ultimate aim of this popular game is to score, and this might be the most important tip to guide you through your choosing process. A foosball is an exciting table game made of eight rods with handles, with each team taking four rods each. You have to wrap your hand around the handle and twist your wrists to control the ball, with the sole aim of scoring.

Though It is a straightforward game as a professional, your choice of a foosball table still has a leading role to play in your game. So below is a brief insight on 5 things to consider before buying a foosball table.

Size of Foosball Table

The size of your table is the most important thing to keep in mind before setting off to the market, the standard size of a foosball table is 56-inches breadth and 30-inches width; in exception of the rods full extension. A typical foosball game space should be averagely 7-feet by 8-feet to give enough space for the table and as well maximize play.

Types of Foosball Tables

There are few ranges of foosball types and brands available presently on the market, and knowing the best to pick from will help you make the right choice and save your time of deciding which to choose from.

However, it is essential to look out for foosball table types that promise durability and quality. Hence, foosball tables like Tornado tournament 3000, Hathaway Primo and Warrior professional are some amazing picks to choose from though.

Goalkeeper Configuration on the Foosball Table

If you a frequently fooser, the first thing to notice is the foosball table configuration. Some tables come with three-man goalkeeping configuration while others come with a single-man. However, the goalkeeper configuration has little impact on your game as it is just a matter of choice.

Most UK made foosball tables have single-man goalkeeper configuration, while those in the USA use three-man goalkeepers. Either way, if you enjoy the speedy and swift gameplay with little skill and accuracy; then the three-man configuration table might be what you need.

The three-man goalkeeper configuration is ideal for new players, while the single-goalkeeper system is best for skill-building and development.  So if you are an expert player, you should know well to pick a single-goalkeeper foosball table.

Playing Rods

The playing rod is one essential part of the table to look out for before even handing out your money, to pay for a foosball table. Make sure your foosball rods are made of steel; with preference to hollow rods because of its weight and the efficiency, and the comfort it gives to take shots at will.

Most presently day foosball tables come with hollow steel rods like those in the Tornado Tournament 3000.

Type of Wood

Presently, most high-quality foosball tables are made of solid wood. Though they might be a little more expensive than those made of particle boards and composite wood, they surely will serve you well.

However, the only disadvantage of a solid wood foosball table is that it can warp in humid areas; so if you intend keeping or using your foosball table in a wet area, then a table made of solid wood might not be what you want.

Hence, the composite wood foosball table is adapted to any climatic condition, though you still need to make sure it is at least an inch thick. However, you might want to weight your table before buying; because anything below 70 pounds most definitely is a made of particle wood and will surely not last.


The guidelines above will surely help you make the right choice of the perfect table for you. However, another most important point to note is to make sure your table surface is not made of plaster designs because they can pull-off quickly; instead, go for laminates.

Though most of the plaster designs come with particle wood foosball tables, most high-quality tables come with a laminate surface, which makes your playing surface last. So the next time you hop in to choose from the best foosball for your family, consider all of these before making payments.

7 Basic Foosball Defense Tips To Improve Your Game

7 Basic Foosball Defense Tips To Improve Your Game

The defense is one essential part of sports, and foosball is not excluded. It can be a tasking situation to lose on the grounds of poor defending. So if you have issues with defensive moves while enjoying your leisure time with friends, then these ultimate tips will help you stand a better chance of winning in any foosball outing.

However, applying a few of these steps will take your opponents and dislodge their every move as they sure wouldn’t anticipate what next you will employ.


Avoid Using the Middle defensive man as a shooter

Shooting with your middle man defense on rod three can be very hard to resist, but resisting the pressure is one of the surest ways to stay in shape and has higher tendencies of increasing your probability of winning. It is best to use this piece as a defender, which will reduce your opponent’s chances of scoring.

However, it can even be harder for a beginner implement, but constant practice of this tip will surely enhance your defense skills, and thus make it harder for your opponent to win.


Avoid having the ball bounce off of your defensive men

Your game can be fun over time, but it can be disheartening when you have a 3-man defense, and your opponent gets the point because his ball bounced off one of your defense, which could have ricocheted through the way.

However, it is not so had to avoid anyway. The best way to prevent this is by adjusting your rod in a way that your men move off the route. Thus the ball gets through and no more ricochets off your men, but when the ball successfully goes, you can pick the rebound with the 2-bar defensive rod.


Always put up a defensive game

One way to still understand your strength is by always playing defense. You need always to follow the movement of the ball at all times. Try not to get carried away by side talks or random actions from your opponent; if successfully applied, you will notice that you pick up most of the balls from your opponent. Make sure your men move in the direction of the ball when your opponent has the ball.


Make judicious use of your two defensive rods as one unit

Your two defensive rods are the most influential defensive forces and making them work simultaneously to give you a better defensive edge. So how do you do this? All you need to do is position your men in a way that they align and don’t overlap each

For an ultimate defense, you need to get your two defensive rods working simultaneously as one unit. It requires you to line them up so that the men don’t overlap each other; Thus giving you an indomitable line of defense as long as you make sure that the space between your men isn’t so large to let the ball through. Try this, and you will see a definite improvement in your game.


Use the defensive rods simultaneously to defend with your left hand

This technique is not as hard as it seems. To apply this move, you would need to employ your thumb and pinkie fingers to work; control each of them with those left fingers, as your men will make a lot of incredible saves.

Making this move can be inconveniencing at first and can be uneasy about adapting to, but once you get through with it and it becomes a part of you, it will surely give you a serious edge over your opponent.


Don’t try to cover the entire goal

Frankly, fighting to cover everywhere in a game can be hard and also can be exhausting. So it is essential to find a severe weak point on your goal and concentrate your energy on the area.

However, an ideal goal covers the width of five balls, so that means you need to cover five different points, and it is almost impossible to do that at once.

So to defend effectively, try to cover at least two points at that same time to maximize your defensive opportunity. As long as the balls come straight to your goalie, it is advantageous; but it might not be so efficient for shots coming from angles.


Keep your opponents guessing

The best way to through your opponent off balance is to elude their imagination. It might not be so useful to apply only one of these tips; because it might not work every time. So it is best to combine your moves so that your opponent does not anticipate which step you will employ next. This tactic is very efficient in all sports and will surely help you dominate your games.


Rounding This One Up

Now you have this fascinating defense tips, all is left is to practice and employ them in subsequent games; as it will improve your defensive ability. They might be hard to keep up with at first, but with a positive and determined mind, you will get acquainted with them in no distant time.

10 Fun Facts You Wanna Know About Foosball

Foosball is a fun game that is played by people across the world. It is also named as a baby kicker or soccer table. Below are some fun facts about Foosball table.

What is the longest game ever played in Foosball?

  • According to Guinness Book of World Records, the longest game of foosball to ever take place took 61 hours and 17 minutes to complete. And it is not even that long ago, according to Guinness, this happened in Innsbruck, Austria in 2012. It was achieved by only Austrian players, named Alexander Kuen, Bernd Neururer, Manuel Larcher and Dietmar Neururer.

The Worldst Most Expensive Foosball Table Ever Sold

  • The most expensive foosball table ever for sale was the “11-The Beautiful Game” table for $68,000. This is made realistic due to a collaboration between GRO Design and Tim Model makers.

Unique Foosball Tables From Spain

  • Most Unique Foosball Table is Spanish. These foosball tables slope towards the middle in a “U” shape. This results in the midfield getting most of the ball-possession. Interesting, but can be tough to get used to, if you are not that skilled.

Foosball Table in Other Countries and Languages

Sweet child have many names they say, so lets get started:

  • The classic names are football table, soccer table or Foosball.
  • In Turkey, foosball is described according to the sound the ball makes, usually they call it “Langirt”.
  • “Bordfodbold” in Denmark, it means table football.
  • Calcio balilla, bigliardino or biliardino (from “biglia”, little ball) or even calcetto (less frequent, since “calcetto” is commonly used to indicate Five-a-side football), and in particular areas fubalino.
  • Other spanish speaking countries they call it Fútbol de mesa, or Futbolito.

You can find other funny ways in Wikipedia Talk here.

The Longest Physical Foosball Table Ever Made

    • The Longest Foosball table ever made is 137.756 metres, which is 451 ft and 11 inches long,424 players played the game at one time. It was achieved in China on September the 27. 2019.

Biggest difference between The American Soccer Table & The European Foosball Table

  • Foosball tables come in two versions. The American version has 3 goalies. On the other hand, the European version has just one goalie.

Best Foosball Table Awards in 2020

  • Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table is titled as Best Football table of the year 2020.

How many different Soccer Table sizes are available?

  • There are three sizes of the Foosball table. The tabletop is the smallest and you can put it on your table. Then there’s stand alone table, which has legs and can stand on its own. Lastly there is Multi-game, which includes a foosball table that can be converted into many other games, such as air hockey, table tennis, chess, checkers, bowling, shuffle board, and so on.

Foosball Tables used as drug-containers for The Mafia

  • In Earlier days, The Mafia used these tables to hide drugs. When foosball table’s popularity hit its peak, it wasn’t uncommon to find a table being used as a container.

Fastest Foosball Shot Ever

  • That little ball used in foosball table can travel up to 35 miles per hour.

How to Clean My Foosball Table

Proper hygiene is one essential part of any sport as it encourages the spirit of sportsmanship. However, it is not enough to own a foosball table; you sure need to care and maintain your schedule to maximize your efficiency and enjoy your playtime with friends.


While cleaning your foosball table, the essential part to concentrate on is the rod, basically because of their rusting tendency, and it is straightforward to maintain. Dirt, spills, and crumbs over your foosball table are the most annoying sight you would behold in a serious game. Hence, cleaning and maintaining your foosball table at least once every week guarantees the maximum speed and accuracy in a game.


However, proper attention should be given to the cleaning process of a foosball table, as well as in use. Though some tables have protective coverings, it doesn’t still prevent spills and crumbs from pelting over. So here are tips to help you understand how to clean and take care of your foosball table, to maximize efficiency.


Caring for your Playing Surface

The most important priority when it comes to caring for your foosball table surface is to make sure it is debris, spills, and dust-free. Cleaning the surface of your foosball table is as simple as rubbing a clean piece of cloth or cotton over it.


You might need to use alcohol and clean cloth to wipe off spots and sticky spots by the corners, if any.


Foosball is a game of speed and rapid actions, so it is not encouraging to take any drinks or eat while enjoying the game, as it can lead to accidental spills on the playing surface.


However, in the face of such accidents, care should be taken to immediately and adequately clean the drink off. For effectiveness, you don’t need a sticky or warp playing surface, caused by the drink or any other liquid substance.


To clean a spill, first, dry the spill with a clean cloth. Then, wipe off the trace from the surface with a clean cloth moistened with alcohol.


Foosball Table Rod Cleaning


Keeping your handle cleaning is very easy and cost-effective; you clean them by gently rubbing a clean cloth moistened with a little quantity of alcohol. Alcohol can also be used to clean the foosball.


Continually cleaning your men reduces wearing out of the material and also improves your gaming satisfaction. You can wipe the players with a clean cloth as well duped with a small amount of alcohol.


If you use your foosball table quite often, then it is best to clean your rod more frequently (say once a week). But if you seldom use it, then it might not a problem cleaning less often. Cleaning your rod with Silicone lubricant wouldn’t be bad monthly if you are not a constant player.

Taking care of your rod is smooth, and obviously, you would know when your rod needs to be lubricated mostly because the slide and turn speed will reduce significantly.

However, to apply silicone to your foosball table rods, follow the steps as listed below:

  • Moist a Clean Cotton wool or piece of cloth with the silicone (Note: Caution should be taken to not drop the silicone on the handle or surface of the foosball table.)
  • Then apply the silicone on the bearings with at least two drops of the substance.
  • Spin the handle after every drop gentle, so the silicone circulates the bearings
  • Then slide and turn to check for effectiveness, and you are good to go.


General Cleaning Tips of Foosball Table


How to Move My Foosball Table

Moving the table to another location might be something you would want to do sometime. If, by chance, you need to move your foosball to another site, please seek for an extra hand to help with the lifting through to your desired spot.


Also, movements during gameplay should be restricted by attaching anti-slip pads to the legs of the table; and this is most important for bare or tiled floors.


This is because as gameplay intensifies, the table begins to move, and surely, some would be tempted to drag it into place, which has a negative effect on the durability of the table. So to prevent this, it is essential to use an anti-slip pad.


Store in A Cool, Dry Area

Keeping your foosball in a dry and cool area is one way to ensure the longevity of the table. Do not store in areas with direct ultraviolet rays from the sun as it can increase the fading of the cabinet surface and increase the wearing off of the playing surface.


How to Align Your Foosball Table

Make sure all the men are appropriately aligned. It is something that can easily elude memory, but it is very vital for good gameplay.


So if you play often, it might be something you need to give time to. You might want to accurately align the men on the rods, which will help prevent the men from breaking away.



Prevent Eating or Drinking while using the Foosball table

Enjoying a good game time free of drinks and food, help reduce the chances of spills and dirt resulting from food crumbs. Though there is a protective covering by the side to keep drinks, it surely doesn’t stop spills. So to ensure you have a fun and hygienic play time, avoid drinking or eating while using the table.



All the tips on how to clean and maintain your foosball table are handy and will help save your stress of cleaning quite often as well. Though this guideline is ideal for an indoor foosball table, it also works well for outdoor tables too.


So you might want to try any of the ways mentioned above to help you maximize your foosball game time and as well maintain the durability and efficiency of your table.

The 101 History Guide of Foosball

Foosball is an impressive and unique game, as compared to other table games. It is straightforward to play, but you sure will still need to know how to defend better in foosball to stand a chance of winning your opponents. Though the history of foosball is misty; its origin can be retraced to the industrial eras of the 19th century in Europe.

As the fame of football increased in Europe over the years, A British fellow known as Harold Searles Thornton from the United Kingdom thought it wise to bring this outdoor sport a lot closer to the people in-house. So he designed the game and called it “Foosball”; after the original football. It’s patent application dated 14 Oct. 1921, No 205,991 UK patent, and was accepted on 1 Nov. 1923.

Although they have been debates about the actual creator of this sport, and other claims state that it originates from France in 1930 from a man known as Lucian Rosengart and other varsity claims state that it originates from Spain and was invented by a man called Alexander de Finisterre.

Either way, the most important fact is that the patent was registered in Harold’s name. However, foosball started almost simultaneously in three different countries, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom.

The inspiration for the foosball table was born out of a matchbox, with the stick of matches lying over the box as the rod extending across a traditional foosball table. However, the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) was established in France in 2002, with a goal to developing the game with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and General Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF), act as the organizing body for foosball, and most importantly regulate international Foosball competitions.

Why is Lucien Rosengart mentioned in Foosball history as the inventor of the soccer table game?

There’s been a lot of talk that the reason Rosengart is mentioned is, that he kept it as a way of keeping his grandkids occupied, at some time towards the end of the 1930s. He was a great inventor, but never put any patent application to live, and that is why none thinks he was the first. To design and make a relatively simple foosball table was well within his capabilities, and he is regarded as the patriarch of baby-foot – at least in France.