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ESPN Foosball Table Review

Football isn’t only one of the best bar games for competitions, it is also and foremost. Super fun to play at home with family and friends. If you’d like to bring this game into your home, room or apartment, you’re in the right place. In this article, I am going to review the ESPN Arcade Foosball Table and highlight its features, pros, and cons.

The ESPN Foosball Table can bring all the features of a professional-grade foosball table to your home or wherever you want. It is suitable for players of any level of expertise, from complete beginners to more advanced. Its three-color design makes it perfect for any environment: it looks great in the room even when you’ll not be playing with it. All its great features come at a very affordable price.

Key Benefits

Standard Dimensions

The ESPN Arcade Foosball table features standard dimensions. The regulation-sized table is 56 inches long x 28.75 inches wide, and it’s 36 inches tall. These are the same dimensions as competition tables’ so, whether you aim to have fun playing with your friends or to practice seriously for your next competition, this table can suit all your needs.

Wide Playfield

The playfield features standard measures: 46.75’’ x 26.375’’. It comes in blue color for improved visibility of the soccer ball and it features ramped edges to ensure the ball stays in motion.

Construction & Durability

Made from MDF (Medium-density Fibreboard) with a PVC laminate finish, the ESPN Foosball Table is well-built and very sturdy. Stability is very important during Foosball matches, and this table won’t let you down: it will stay still and solid under your hands even during the most challenging and compelling matches. It’s oversized 5’’ leg levelers also provide extra support and stability.

Well-designed players

The team players feature a modern and futuristic design that makes them unique when compared to other football tables on the market. They’re also weighted to ensure better control from the players. The team colors are red and black.

Metal Rods

Just like your foosball table must not shake under your hands while you’re playing, the roads need to be just as sturdy. When you play Foosball, you’re basically playing through the rods, and holding them tightly for the whole time: that’s why they need to be strong and durable. The ESPN Foosball Table features ⅝ inch chrome-plated metal rods that are solid, strong and ensure durability.

Bead Scoring

The table features a couple of traditional bead scoring (one on each end of the table) to allow you to always and constantly keep track of the action.

Soccer Balls

2 soccer balls are included with the purchasing.

Padded Handles

Each of the chrome-plated metal rods features a padded handle on each end. Padded handles can make it easier, safer and more comfortable for the players to control the game. You won’t have any injury on your hands even after the longest games. The octagonal design also provides an improved grip on the handle for the most precise player control.


Additional Features

  • Table dimensions: 56’’ x 28.75’’ x 34.5’’
  • Playfield dimensions: 46.75?? X 26.375’’
  • Weight: 92 lbs
  • Table materials: MDF + PVC
  • ⅝ inch Chrome-plated metal rods
  • Octagonal padded handles
  • Accessories included: two soccer balls


The ESPN Arcade Foosball Table has really interesting features. It’s a great combination of quality construction and style, providing a stable and durable playfield for thousands of games. The only drawback I – and some other customers – want to point out is that, when you receive your brand new foosball table, a bit of assembly is required, which also requires the company of a good friend. Although detailed instructions are provided, the procedure is a bit long and requires patience. Once set up, though, the table feels sturdy and stable.

Customers Impressions

Buyers are loving this ESPN Arcade Foosball Table and having so much fun with it. Most of them are beginners or intermediate players who usually play with friends, but a lot of people also bought it for their kids. Their reviews basically agree with mine: they love the table’s design, the smooth rotation of the rods and its stability. The only drawback reviewers pointed out it’s the same I have described above: the foosball table requires a bit of assembling, even though clear and detailed instruction are provided.

Verified Customers are saying:

“Good quality for the price. The table is particle board, and it’s heavy and fairly sturdy. Mine arrived with the side playing field ramps missing, and I called to have them shipped. Construction will take a solid couple of hours, but parts are mostly very well labeled and the instructions are very clear. Players, rods, and the table are sturdy.” Buzzfuster

Amazon Customer

“Overall, we are very happy with this table. After assembly, it is solid and can withstand teens playing on it without a problem. It also looks nice if in the right room too. My two minor complaints – Assembly was very time consuming and one of the particle board goals arrived broken (even though packed very well). I was able to fix the goal and you cannot see it, so not a big deal. Definitely recommend.” Swez

Amazon Customer

“The kids love it! I bought it to get the kids off the tablets and off they did. Took me three hours to assemble myself, although it would be wise to have someone help you flip the table over in the end. Pretty heavy. After two months of abuse, the 16 screws in the bottom did come a little loose. Tighten it up and good as new. Very happy with purchase.” Michael L.

Amazon Customer

“This is the first foosball table I ever owned so can’t really compare with anything. it wasn’t too hard to put together (there was a minor issue with the packing of some screws which led to some screws missing in the package but it wasn’t too hard to find replacement ones for the assembly); it looks good after put together and it was a lot of fun for the family! a couple of things to note: it does move a little by itself when players play “hard” but not much (if at all) problem; be very careful moving it given the material and construction. Overall a very good product for the price.” Cari Benny

Amazon Customer


I truly believe the ESPN Arcade Foosball table is an excellent foosball table that provides quality features at an affordable price.

If you’re looking for an unexpected gift for your kids, or you want to provide your apartment with something stylish and fun, this foosball table will definitely suit you.