Garlando G-500 Evolution Foosball Table

Foosball is a lot of fun for both adults and kids. If there is a game that grown-ups and children can play together without the adults getting bored and the kids feeling overwhelmed it is just Foosball. Not every Foosball Table is suitable for players of every age, though. The G-500 Evolutions is one of the few and this is its detailed review.

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Like all Garlando Tables, the G-500 is made in Italy and reflects the European design and style of play. In Italy, you can find a Foosball Table in every bar and beach and they look just like the G-500: squared cabinet, 1 man goalie, red and blue plastic men with a thin design (no enlarged sweet spot) and color coordinated abacus scorers. Even though you don’t have a bar or a private beach, the G-500 Evolution hi-tech inspired design would suit any modern environment.

The table is meant to be used indoors – nothing stops you from bringing it outside for a tournament under the sun (it isn’t even that heavy), but you should always take it back inside since prolonged exposure to the sun and weather could ruin its surfaces and structure.

Key Benefits

Sturdy Construction

The 1 inch thick G-500’s cabinet is made from medium density fibreboard with melamine coating. It is supported by heavy-duty squared legs (4’’ x 4’’) constructed from steel coated with washable powder varnish. The table is very stable – the adjustable leg levelers also enable a perfectly flat playing field on uneven floor – but it still very lightweight (some foosball tables are twice as heavy as the G-500 Evolution).

Varied choice of playfield

Three different types (and materials) of playfield can be chosen when you purchase your new Garlando G-500 Evolution. Other than the classic type – a plastic laminate green playfield with white lines that reproduce the football ground – there are two other options available that give the table a very modern look (they’d look great on a spaceship!): a transparent glossy glass playfield, and a non-reflective sanded glass one.

Telescopic rods option available

The Garlando G-500 Evolution features 16mm steel rods coated with anti-rust chromium. The coat adds 2,2mm to the thickness of the bars preventing them from bending and maintaining their shape for a long time. You can choose between going-through or telescope bars. The telescope bars have the same construction and technical features as the going-through type. The difference is in the functioning: in telescoping bars, a smaller diameter bar glides inside the player bar. This way the bar end doesn’t protrude from the cabinet, making the game safer, especially for children, whose face and eyes are often at the cabinet’s same height.

Even if you plan to play with other adults, if the foosball table is going to be placed in a location attended by children, the telescopic rods option would be recommended.

Ball return system

Behind each goal, you’ll find the ball recovery. This is a little less comfortable than other ball return systems that bring the ball to the center of the cabinet. On the other hand, 10 Standard balls are included with the G-500 Evolution foosball table, so the game can still be comfortable and quick.

Choose your goalkeeper

The G-500 Evolution Foosball Table by Garlando is available with fully rotating or non-rotating goalkeeper (the non-rotating goalkeeper would rotate by 180 degrees, while a fully rotating player rotates by 360 degrees).

Ten Standard Balls Included

The Garlando G-500 Evolution Foosball Table comes with ten standard white balls.

European style plastic players

Each player is made from moplen, a plastic material. They represent a stylized human figure and they don’t feature an enlarged sweet spot. They can’t be displaced from the bars so that they maintain their position perfectly. Following the European tradition, the team colors are blue and red.

Additional Features

  • Dimensions 56’’ L x 30’’ W x 34/35’’H (as standard, legs can be adjusted)
  • Weight: 165 lbs
  • Materials: Laminate playing surface, ABS plastic men; metal legs
  • Italian design and European style of play
  • Telescopic rods
  • Ball return system


Garlando G-500 Evolution is a high quality and durable foosball table with a couple of drawbacks:

  • The ball return system can be a little uncomfortable. Usually, ball systems that bring the ball back to the center of the table are preferable. Nevertheless, in the G-500 this is compensated by providing the table with 10 standard balls included in the package so that instead of fetching the ball after every goal, you can use a new ball every time (the socket under the goals are big enough to contain several balls for faster play).
  • The plastic players are not counter-balanced. This is not ideal for a one-on-one game and those who are not used to that may find the game a little uncomfortable.

Customers Impressions

Other than the couple of drawbacks that I have just pointed out, some buyers also complained about the user manual that comes with the foosball table. Instructions are a bit vague and the illustrations aren’t that clear. Since the foosball table would require assembling, we understand that having undetailed instructions can be annoying.

I found that several reviews claims you need to get a friend over to help assemble this one and offer him a beer in the process as well for his helping hands.

Verified Customers are saying:

It took one week to ship (as specified on the product page), but then shipment was fast, very efficiently and professionally managed by CEVA freight. Amazon includes freight ship up to your doorstep, which is not common (some sellers require extra $$ in order to do that, and some even require you to unload the truck!). So. I was delighted by the overall service.
Item was great on any aspect. Packaging is superlative, and assembly is not complicated at all, although it takes a couple of hours. It is now assembled in my family room and everyone loves it, even my 3 years old, which enjoys telescopic rods more than anyone else.
FANTASTIC (made in Italy) product, recommended”


Amazon Customer

“Just received the Garlando G-500 yesterday 7:30a.m. after i made the appointment for delivery. They said between 8:00am to 12noon. Very quick shipping-truly impressed on how they do that. Received the Box with all the equipments intact and properly wrapped. Took me about 2 1/2 hours to assemble it on my own. It’s pretty straight forward when it comes to installation. The wood matches our floor. Very nice and sturdy and excellent quality built in my opinion. Truly satisfied with this product…plays very well….having fun with it already in just 2 days time. Highly recommended.”


Amazon Customer

“A very nice table for the money. I performed the assembly by myself and found it to be fairly easy, though I’d advise following the youtube video instead of trying to follow the instructions that are provided. It was also helpful to follow the advice of one previous reviewer who stated, “When assembling the rods, I suggest sliding the small black washer (with “INT” facing inwards!) and sliding the handle on, then slamming it against a hard surface (e.g. concrete floor) before inserting and screwing in the rod in the table.”


Amazon Customer

I have owned this table for about ten years. I do play on it weekly … all year… every year. This thing is a rock. When we play, we play hard. The only thing I have done to this table is clean it with a rag maybe once a year. It is in Excellent condition. If you can spend the extra money, get this table. If you get one from Dicks sporting goods or Sears for $200-$300 they will not hold up….. they are not even in the same class as this one. It will last you a life time, easily. The other ones will not.”

Emily Wurst

Amazon Customer


My final verdict about the Garlando G-500 Evolution Foosball Table is that, even though it may not be perfect under any point of view, it is not only a great value for money, but it also highly recommended to those who want to play with their kids, or put the table in any environment that is attended by them. The table’s safety features and performance, in fact, make it perfect for both adults and children.