Proper hygiene is one essential part of any sport as it encourages the spirit of sportsmanship. However, it is not enough to own a foosball table; you sure need to care and maintain your schedule to maximize your efficiency and enjoy your playtime with friends.


While cleaning your foosball table, the essential part to concentrate on is the rod, basically because of their rusting tendency, and it is straightforward to maintain. Dirt, spills, and crumbs over your foosball table are the most annoying sight you would behold in a serious game. Hence, cleaning and maintaining your foosball table at least once every week guarantees the maximum speed and accuracy in a game.


However, proper attention should be given to the cleaning process of a foosball table, as well as in use. Though some tables have protective coverings, it doesn’t still prevent spills and crumbs from pelting over. So here are tips to help you understand how to clean and take care of your foosball table, to maximize efficiency.


Caring for your Playing Surface

The most important priority when it comes to caring for your foosball table surface is to make sure it is debris, spills, and dust-free. Cleaning the surface of your foosball table is as simple as rubbing a clean piece of cloth or cotton over it.


You might need to use alcohol and clean cloth to wipe off spots and sticky spots by the corners, if any.


Foosball is a game of speed and rapid actions, so it is not encouraging to take any drinks or eat while enjoying the game, as it can lead to accidental spills on the playing surface.


However, in the face of such accidents, care should be taken to immediately and adequately clean the drink off. For effectiveness, you don’t need a sticky or warp playing surface, caused by the drink or any other liquid substance.


To clean a spill, first, dry the spill with a clean cloth. Then, wipe off the trace from the surface with a clean cloth moistened with alcohol.


Foosball Table Rod Cleaning


Keeping your handle cleaning is very easy and cost-effective; you clean them by gently rubbing a clean cloth moistened with a little quantity of alcohol. Alcohol can also be used to clean the foosball.


Continually cleaning your men reduces wearing out of the material and also improves your gaming satisfaction. You can wipe the players with a clean cloth as well duped with a small amount of alcohol.


If you use your foosball table quite often, then it is best to clean your rod more frequently (say once a week). But if you seldom use it, then it might not a problem cleaning less often. Cleaning your rod with Silicone lubricant wouldn’t be bad monthly if you are not a constant player.

Taking care of your rod is smooth, and obviously, you would know when your rod needs to be lubricated mostly because the slide and turn speed will reduce significantly.

However, to apply silicone to your foosball table rods, follow the steps as listed below:

  • Moist a Clean Cotton wool or piece of cloth with the silicone (Note: Caution should be taken to not drop the silicone on the handle or surface of the foosball table.)
  • Then apply the silicone on the bearings with at least two drops of the substance.
  • Spin the handle after every drop gentle, so the silicone circulates the bearings
  • Then slide and turn to check for effectiveness, and you are good to go.


General Cleaning Tips of Foosball Table


How to Move My Foosball Table

Moving the table to another location might be something you would want to do sometime. If, by chance, you need to move your foosball to another site, please seek for an extra hand to help with the lifting through to your desired spot.


Also, movements during gameplay should be restricted by attaching anti-slip pads to the legs of the table; and this is most important for bare or tiled floors.


This is because as gameplay intensifies, the table begins to move, and surely, some would be tempted to drag it into place, which has a negative effect on the durability of the table. So to prevent this, it is essential to use an anti-slip pad.


Store in A Cool, Dry Area

Keeping your foosball in a dry and cool area is one way to ensure the longevity of the table. Do not store in areas with direct ultraviolet rays from the sun as it can increase the fading of the cabinet surface and increase the wearing off of the playing surface.


How to Align Your Foosball Table

Make sure all the men are appropriately aligned. It is something that can easily elude memory, but it is very vital for good gameplay.


So if you play often, it might be something you need to give time to. You might want to accurately align the men on the rods, which will help prevent the men from breaking away.



Prevent Eating or Drinking while using the Foosball table

Enjoying a good game time free of drinks and food, help reduce the chances of spills and dirt resulting from food crumbs. Though there is a protective covering by the side to keep drinks, it surely doesn’t stop spills. So to ensure you have a fun and hygienic play time, avoid drinking or eating while using the table.



All the tips on how to clean and maintain your foosball table are handy and will help save your stress of cleaning quite often as well. Though this guideline is ideal for an indoor foosball table, it also works well for outdoor tables too.


So you might want to try any of the ways mentioned above to help you maximize your foosball game time and as well maintain the durability and efficiency of your table.