KICK Titan 55’’ Tournament

Foosball tables are super versatile – you can place one in your game room or yard, you can play with it indoors, outdoors, on the beach, in the snow… Basically, a foosball table can ensure fun and entertainment anytime, anywhere.

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KICK Titan 55″ Tournament Foosball Table

KICK Foosball Table is a relatively new company – the brand was established in 2018 but their journey has begun long before. It’s only after years of researches that they entered the market with premium foosball tables and low prices. With the Titan 55’’ Foosball Table Tournament, they provided an old-school style table that would look great in any environment and competition.

Things get just a little more serious – never less fun! – when you participate in a tournament. Whether you’d like to organize tournaments in your backyard, or you need to practice for your next official match, a tournament foosball table is what you need. The KICK Titan 55’’ may just suit you. This tournament-style foosball table can provide a great experience

Key Benefits

Old-school design

The table features the old classic squared design which gives it an old-school style and look. The table is also available in two colors – dark brown and white – so that it can really fit in any environment and furniture.

Sturdy Construction

The Kick Titan 55’’ features a sturdy wooden cabinet. Wood provides solidity and a sort of isolation from vibrations so that jerks and shake-ups are less transmitted to the playfield. Thanks to the leg levers with rubber bottoms and the wooden large and square legs, the playing surface is steady and straight an will remain so. Because of such a heavy construction, it’s pretty impossible to move and shake the table during the game.

Ergonomic grips and stainless steel rods

With the Titan 55’’ the game is made comfortable by NoSlip handles attached to semi-solid steel chrome plated rods. The handles feature a texture to improve your grip and they’re also ergonomic to ensure comfort and safety during the whole game.

Thick playing field

The KICK TItan 55’ Foosball Table features a 1/ 2’’ inches thick playfield for the smoothest and quickest game.

Ball return system

On one side of the table, you’ll see the enclosed ball return system. This might seem useless, but it can make your game more comfortable, quick, and captivating.

Multiple configuration available

Like most of foosball tables manufactured by KICK Foosball Table, the Titan model offers the possibility to choose your own goalie configuration as well as the typer of player you want. You will be able to choose between 1-goalie and 3-goalie configuration; also, the table comes with 26 uniformed men plus 26 counterbalanced robotic men.


  • Dimensions: 55’’L x 29’’ W x 36’’ H
  • Playing field dimension: 46’’ L x 27’’ W
  • 5’’ leg levers with rubber bottom
  • ½’’ thick playing field
  • ⅝’’ semi-solid stainless steel chrome plated rods
  • NoSlip plastic textured handles
  • Ball return system
  • 2 goalie configurations: 1-goalie and 3-goalie
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

Lifetime Warranty

The KICK Titan 55’’ Foosball Table comes with a Lifetime Warranty. When a brand or company offers lifetime warranty on their products, it usually means the products won’t break up. Just like the KICK Titan 55’’, they’re built to last forever. Furthermore, the company offers a 14-day money-back guarantee: if, for any reason, you don’t want the foosball table anymore, they will refund you without asking any questions.


The KICK Titan 55’’ is a high-quality foosball table and has countless enthusiastic reviews. It’s really hard to tell where the product could be improved. We can only mention that, since it is mainly made of wood, it’s not suitable for being left outdoors for long periods. This is not really a drawback – just a charachterisiìtic of the product.

Customers Impressions

The reviews about this product are enthusiastic. Buyers are appreciating the well-made and robust construction and the legs that allow adjusting the playing surface. The smooth playing surface allows for a quick and engaging game while the semi-solid stainless steel rods provided with ergonomic handgrip provide the best control over the players. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s hard to find any negative review on the internet.

Verified Customers are saying:

“We went back and forth between this table and the Tornado brand- we decided to go with Kick because of the positive reviews of the company and we would rather have top of the line from a different company instead of low level from tornado. We love the table my kids love it and it is a really solid table. We had it assembled so I can’t address that- the only thing I would say is ups is not great at delivery big heavy things because the box was a mess when it arrived. Oh and the box is very very heavy and very large- you need strong people to move it.”

Kristen Abbate

Amazon Customer

“The Titan is very well made with robust legs that are easy to adjust to level the playing surface, thick side walls, and nice solid goal ends. The playing surface is smooth and well printed with field details. The table comes with two complete sets of players (one set of uniformed and one set of counterbalanced), and they can be set up in either 1 or 3 goalie configurations. The solid steel rods rotate smoothly in nice plastic bearings and the grips on the rods are very comfortable. Overall, the Titan is a heavy, high quality table like one you would find at an arcade. We highly recommend it, and can’t say enough about the responsiveness of the Kick customer support team.”

Amazon Customer

Amazon Customer

“I decided to go with the Kick Titan based upon the reviews on other Kick tables. I liked the look of this table and decided to give it a try. I am very happy with it so far. It was easy to assemble, but you will definitely need 2 people. It is heavy. I had a question about how to open the table to get to the ball return assembly. The support at Kick is awesome. They were very friendly and were able to answer my questions. I would highly recommend this table.”


Amazon Customer

“I run a housing facility with upwards of 600 tenants. Needles to say these tables get a lot of use and have held up great despite all the abuse and traffic these units have see. The service, however, is the key component to which makes this product great. Great product, definitely recommend.”

Amazon Customer

Amazon Customer


The KICK Titan 55’’ Foosball Table is a top quality product – strong built, durable and steady. It allows a smooth and comfortable game and – not less important – it looks great! I found it hard to find drawbacks about the product – this is a sign of this table excellent features.