Kids Favorite Foosball Table

Nothing gives an unadulterated relief like seeing your kids happy at home; while enjoying their favorite game. Foosball is one sport that will not only help keep your kids fit but builds their IQ, speed, and accuracy as they adapt to the competition.

However, kids enjoy things at their level and size, and the list of foosball tables to be analyzed in this 3 best foosball kids review list will do the magic.

Hence, picking the best foosball table for your kids can be very arduous, as there are a lot of options available in the market these days that promise durability and efficiency. So before you head all out to purchase a mini foosball table, there are a few things you need to know to make the best choice for home or recreational facility.

I have researched and found 3 viable Foosball Tables for Kids in 2020 which I find will be the best picks for a home foosball table.

Sport Squad FX40 Foosball

Sport Squad FX40 Foosball table earned a spot on this list for a lot of reasons, one being its straightforward and yet classy design. It is suitable for family use, as it can take just a small playing space. This masterpiece comes with a 3-man goalie design and an efficient chromium-plated rod, making it very light and easy to play with.

The playing field is made of high-quality suave fireboard material, which allows the ball to move fast and freely without restrictions. The Sport Squad FX40 weighs about 15 pounds, but its rubber-tipped legs provide it the perfect grip for your kids to enjoy playing all day long, with maximum stability.

The players are made of high-quality materials and complimented with a highly efficient ball, which will quickly ricochet off tight corners.

Its all-round durability of this foosball table is what any well-meaning parent would want to get for their foosball loving kids.


It is cost-effective

Occupies minimal room space

Comes with rubber-tipped legs

Easy to mount


It requires an extra table to play on (There’s a soccer table with legs, see further below)

Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table

Hathaway gave in their best on this, to produce a very efficient play surface. And what makes it amazing is its easy and flexible design pattern, and many have attested to its easy-mount features.

It comes with a 3 goalie configuration, which is very easy for children to adapt to, as well as a highly sleek playing surface that has very little friction with the ball.

The Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table is light weighted and has very flexible steel rods; to help in accurate and precise ball control. Its players are made of ABS, which is a high performance and durable plastic.


It has a very straightforward 3 goalie configuration

Requires minimal room space

Made of high-quality materials

Very elegant and attractive

Adjustable legs


It does not have a rigid grip on the floor

The side lid doesn’t properly shade the ball.

Sport Squad FX48 Foosball Table

The Sport Squad manufactures high-quality foosball tables, and this small piece is designed specifically for kids, with a 4-rod play system and a 3 goalie configuration system.

The Sport Squad FX48 Foosball table comes in 32 inches high and 48 long inches long mounted on high tech adjustable legs, tipped with fine rubber, so kids can easily play with ease. 

It is very cost-effective and comes with very durable MDF particles. So if you sure want your kids to enjoy their leisure time, then this piece to help them have the best time together.


It is cost-effective

It is made of medium-density fireboard; which is very durable

It has adjustable legs; which can even be used by older people


It can be harmful to kids, as the edges are very rough

It might not be suitable with harsh weather condition

It can only be used indoors

Hathaway Sidekick Foosball Soccer Table

The Hathaway Sidekick Foosball Table might be the smallest and lightest of tables in this list, but dont let that fool you, it got the features to make up for it. Its transportable with a smooth design and the ability to be moved in seconds due to its light weight.

Its a delight to the eye with its beautiful colors and the printed graphics all around it.

It features 3 rods on each side making it easier for kids to handle, and it comes with non-slip ribber handles with silver-steel rods making it all easy to move and spin.


A solid table and can take a few hits here and there from the little ones

Great and beautiful colors

3 rods making it easy to handle

Very portable to be moved


The surface can be a bit rough

When assembling be careful, small parts