Foosball is a very fantastic sport if the right foosball tricks are employed. In as much as it needs you to give in your best to deliver on every single move, your outing with a friend can always be outstanding if you pull some fascinating tricks to get past your friends.

Your leisure time as a foosball player gains traction when you have the edge over your opponent and this is not far from your experience even when you enjoy your days off with people you love.

Playing Foosball is more mental than just physical, and you need to anticipate your opponent’s moves, as well as employ some delicate tricks and sound techniques to win them at all cost.

Below are a few ultimate tricks to help you always beat your friends in any foosball game. Basic Foosball playing knowledge does guarantee your beating your friends, so you need to give in to learning special tricks that would give you the leverage over your friends.

When your friends are skilled in the act of Foosballing, you need to apply unique tactics to outwit them. However, the more efficient you become over time in the application of these simple tricks, the easier it is for you to come out victorious in every outing.

So let’s whir into the fascinating world of professional Foosball. Here are the top 5 ultimate tricks to beat your friend in Foosball.

The One Shot Focus Trick

As the name implies is a trick that helps you focus your shot at a particular point, saving you’re the stress and strength of shooting everywhere on the board.

This doesn’t mean one player must implement the shot, but you will need to maintain the ball at a specific area. One-shot focus is instrumental when you are performing offensive chances.

Applying a unique One-shot trick helps you maximize your shots and gain more ball control as you concentrate on making the best out of your play.

Flicking Wrist or Wrist grip Trick 

Wrap grip or Flicking Wrist, the choice is yours to make; but the pair the basic kinds of grip that you can introduce into your play. However, it is always better to combine them both for effectiveness and high level of efficiency.

To perform a wrist-grip, you will need to turn the Bar in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction while trying to take a shot. This should ensure a perfect shot; though your goal depends on how fast you pull your shot.

Every good Foosball as a peculiar way they take their shot, but the wrist-grip is the most frequently used trick.


5th Bar to 3th Bar Passing Trick

Just like other offensive tricks, the 5th Bar to 3th Bar passing trick proves to be very useful and highly efficient, if you have an eye on goals.

Just as the name depicts, you will need to pass the ball through from the 5th Bar to the 3rd Bar; giving room for flexibility and convenience to score more goals.

When you know you have total control of the game, this tactics is essential and can give you more edge over your friends.

If you want to win your friends in Foosball, 5 Bar to 3 Bar passing is one important trick you need to learn as it played a massive role in winning all your games and as well helps you with leading games against your skilled friends.


Track the Foosball Movement

When you keep track and control the movement of the Foosball, it gives room for offensive shots and possibly goals. However, your ability to maintain the course and follow the progress of the ball makes it hard for your friend make serious advancements into your half.

This trick is very efficient and can inaudible, so you have a higher tendency of beating your friend to a standstill if you follow your Foosball. Though this trick looks very simple and easy, it is one of the essential tricks to apply, if you want to win your foosball games.

You would why more attention is given to this trick, but as you practice; you will understand why professionals tend to use these tactics. The ball can be easily blocked by this trick.


Constant and Effective Practicing

It is one crucial thing in life as it doesn’t only apply to the game of Foosball. Constant practice plays a huge role in your perfection, as well helps you know what area of your tricks you need to enhance.

The more practice you indulge in, the more professional you become over time – The more chances you would have on winning your friends. There are some types of foosball tables that can help you practice without an opponent.


Foosball is a fascinating game, but it can be frustrating at times; especially when you are losing to a friend or loved one.

So these 5 top ultimate tricks to beat your friend in Foosball is pieced together, to help you internalize the most effective and efficient tricks that will help you beat your friends to a standstill.