The Warrior Foosball Table Model 2020 might be one of the greatest of Foosball Tables ever built. It features the lucky spots of being recognized by USTSF & ITSF organizations. Its creator, a 36 year Pro Tour Veteran Brendan Flaherty, has designed and assembled this Premium Table with big plans and visions in mind.

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Warrior Professional Soccer Table

Warrior Table Soccer is a leading manufacturer company established in the USA with decades of experience. They provide both tables and accessories for enhanced performance.

Although the Warrior Foosball Table is a professional table and made for pro players, it is still suitable for the general public and players of all ages.

There is a wide range of foosball tables in the market. Some have futuristic designs – some are old-school style – some are more affordable, others have more expensive features and materials. For this article I chose to review a professional table that comes at a quite expensive price (which, in my opinion, is totally worth it). Believe it or not, playing on a professional foosball is not like playing with a cheap one – the game can be a lot smoother and quicker, the grip is far more comfortable and the table is far more stable. Let’s see what other awesome features the Warrior Pro Foosball Table has to offer.

Key Benefits


The Warrior Foosball Table not only features the standard tournament dimensions ( 56’’ L x 30’’ W x 36’’ H), but it also certified by USTSF and ITSF player organizations.

Construction & Durability

The Warrior Foosball Table is made from top-quality materials to provide stability, even for the heaviest usage, but also durability. Both playfield and cabinet are made of quality MDF and are laminated with different colors: black for the outer surface, white for the inner walls, and green for the playfield. The rods are made from high-quality chrome steel and provided with a rod-guard system for the players’ safety.

Rods and hand grips

The chrome steel 14 mm rods can slide smoothly through their sockets and feel very solid. They can provide the best ball control as they transmit the player’s movement with no effort. The rubber handgrips are ergonomic to allow a comfortable game even for the longest and heaviest usage. They don’t require assembly: they come complete with men and handles.

Rod-guard System

Although this table is designed for pro players, the manufacturer didn’t forget about the youngest that may enjoy the game as well. The Warrior rod guard system ensures that the kids, as well as complete beginners or possible spectators, remain safe while playing.

Well-designed players

The player figures are made from high-grade ABS plastic and feature an innovative design. The so-called sweet spot on the players’ feet is enlarged to optimize ball control. The enlarged sweet spot also makes it easier to bank the ball and to maintain ball control when pinned.

Tournament Ball

2 Warrior Tournament Balls come with the foosball table. They feature the official tournament size and weight. Added texture improves ball control and grip, but it also slows down the game a little bit.

Arcade Style ball return

The ball return system channels the ball to the center of the table after every goal. A quick and efficient ball return system allows a faster and more engaging game.

Easy assembling

As most of the foosball tables, the warrior pro one will require assembly as it arrives at your door. The procedure is quite easy- it requires some time (about 25 minutes) but it isn’t that complex. It can be completed with a single tool that is included in the package. Assembling-time is been confirmed not only by us but also by most buyers.

Maintenance Kit

Along with the foosball table, you’ll receive a maintenance kit that includes 1 extra black man, 1 extra red man, silicone lubricant, 1 bearing wrench, 2 quality foosball, and 1 pin pouch.


Due to the playfield and ball’s materials, some pro players may find the game pace a little slow. Beginners and intermediates, instead, will enjoy every single feature of this Warrior Pro Foosball Table. But at the same time, more and more top professional players contributes and telling this is the top Soccer Table out there right now.

Customers Impressions

Most buyers reported that the Warrior Pro Foosball Table was totally worth its price. A lot of people chose this table because it offers tournament standard features (certifications plus standard playfield and ball dimensions) at a reasonable price (especially when compared to other tournament tables). The assembly time is been confirmed to be less than half an hour – some more expert buyers spent even less time assembling it. Both the construction and performance have been appreciated. The rod-guard system has also been highly appreciated since it’s not common on foosball tables of this price.

Only some pro players found that playing on this table feels a little too slow – they ascribe this to the ball (included) which is heavy and has a great grip on the playfield. We agree on this: the rods work perfectly and allow control, quickness, and power. If the game is a bit slow it is because of the ball’s material.

Verified Customers are saying:

“This table is so worth the price. It looks great, plays awesome and is built to last, its a very sturdy and well made table. I also like if I ever need replacement parts, or upgrades to the table, I can go directly to Warrior and I know the parts will fit and be great quality. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the rod guard system but now I wouldn’t want a table without one. I get many many compliments on this table and it gets a lot of playtime from all ages.”


Amazon Customer

“Pretty straight-forward to assemble. Much simpler than a lot of IKEA furniture. The assembly instructions are quite terse. I had feared assembly would be harder or more time consuming base on other reviews.
If you’re strong enough to lift the table top (which is most adults) then you should be able to assemble the table solo.
I needed a wrench to screw in the feet, a screw driver to screw in score keepers, and an alan key for everything else.
Table itself:
Very happy with the quality of the table!”


Amazon Customer

“Awesome value for the price I paid ~$570. Very heavy and sturdy table, it feels like what you’d play in a bar. Mine actually came damaged. It was shipped in 3 separate boxes, and one of them sustained damage during shipment which happened to be the table top. I took a picture and sent it to Warrior and they promptly shipped a replacement ASAP. No hassle, just great customer service! Very happy with the table, and the rail guards, especially for kids safety, are excellent! Don’t hesitate, buy this table if you want a good at-home foosball table!”

Michael C. Wanderski

Amazon Customer

“Rest assured, I own this table since June ’16. Arrived well-packaged in about 5 biz days in three boxes.
I always liked the one-bar goalie setup versus the three. The play field is great. Super slick rods, counter balanced men, and solid feel.
Their customer service has been great. They also included their VIP a package (extra men, towel, hat, rosin, silicone, extra balls, and a bag to put it all in). Mine was sold to me with apparent ‘cosmetic issues’ but I have yet to find them. Since owning this table, I’ve purchased their foosball ‘training system’, handle wraps, and recently I bought their lighting fixture (which this table comes pre-drilled for).”


Amazon Customer


The Warrior Professional Foosball Table would be the best choice for those who want a professional table with standards dimensions of playfield and ball. Even though the game can feel a little too slow for experienced players, with this table beginners, intermediate and amateurs will enjoy a stable, comfortable, and smooth game.