The choice of a Foosball table has a great deal of impact on the level of play, and this might be a tasking decision to make because of the various high-end brand and sizes available in the market today.  So in order t make the best choice of a foosball table for your game room or your family; you will need to put these 5 things in mind before setting off to make your first purchase of a foosball table.

The ultimate aim of this popular game is to score, and this might be the most important tip to guide you through your choosing process. A foosball is an exciting table game made of eight rods with handles, with each team taking four rods each. You have to wrap your hand around the handle and twist your wrists to control the ball, with the sole aim of scoring.

Though It is a straightforward game as a professional, your choice of a foosball table still has a leading role to play in your game. So below is a brief insight on 5 things to consider before buying a foosball table.

Size of Foosball Table

The size of your table is the most important thing to keep in mind before setting off to the market, the standard size of a foosball table is 56-inches breadth and 30-inches width; in exception of the rods full extension. A typical foosball game space should be averagely 7-feet by 8-feet to give enough space for the table and as well maximize play.

Types of Foosball Tables

There are few ranges of foosball types and brands available presently on the market, and knowing the best to pick from will help you make the right choice and save your time of deciding which to choose from.

However, it is essential to look out for foosball table types that promise durability and quality. Hence, foosball tables like Tornado tournament 3000, Hathaway Primo and Warrior professional are some amazing picks to choose from though.

Goalkeeper Configuration on the Foosball Table

If you a frequently fooser, the first thing to notice is the foosball table configuration. Some tables come with three-man goalkeeping configuration while others come with a single-man. However, the goalkeeper configuration has little impact on your game as it is just a matter of choice.

Most UK made foosball tables have single-man goalkeeper configuration, while those in the USA use three-man goalkeepers. Either way, if you enjoy the speedy and swift gameplay with little skill and accuracy; then the three-man configuration table might be what you need.

The three-man goalkeeper configuration is ideal for new players, while the single-goalkeeper system is best for skill-building and development.  So if you are an expert player, you should know well to pick a single-goalkeeper foosball table.

Playing Rods

The playing rod is one essential part of the table to look out for before even handing out your money, to pay for a foosball table. Make sure your foosball rods are made of steel; with preference to hollow rods because of its weight and the efficiency, and the comfort it gives to take shots at will.

Most presently day foosball tables come with hollow steel rods like those in the Tornado Tournament 3000.

Type of Wood

Presently, most high-quality foosball tables are made of solid wood. Though they might be a little more expensive than those made of particle boards and composite wood, they surely will serve you well.

However, the only disadvantage of a solid wood foosball table is that it can warp in humid areas; so if you intend keeping or using your foosball table in a wet area, then a table made of solid wood might not be what you want.

Hence, the composite wood foosball table is adapted to any climatic condition, though you still need to make sure it is at least an inch thick. However, you might want to weight your table before buying; because anything below 70 pounds most definitely is a made of particle wood and will surely not last.


The guidelines above will surely help you make the right choice of the perfect table for you. However, another most important point to note is to make sure your table surface is not made of plaster designs because they can pull-off quickly; instead, go for laminates.

Though most of the plaster designs come with particle wood foosball tables, most high-quality tables come with a laminate surface, which makes your playing surface last. So the next time you hop in to choose from the best foosball for your family, consider all of these before making payments.